Of joy and accidents

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Who’s it for: Cadbury by DDB NZ and Goodlife films

Why we like it: Creating a song from the sounds of joy was a brilliant idea for a campaign. And, as this final musical instalment shows, the whole thing, from the experiential elements down to the involvement of Bobby McFerrin, was executed extremely well (aside from the slighty eerie sound at the beginning, which makes the film seem like a harrowing flashback you might see in a horror movie). Hell, some less cynical types might even call it art.

Youtube Video

Who’s it for: Tower by AIM Proximity and Kaleidoscope

Why we like it: Consumers had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the previous Tower campaign, as evidenced by the fact it featured in the best and worst sections of the Fair Go Ad Awards. This is a very different approach, but it’s a cool animation and it gives the brand some personality.




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