nzgirl.co.nz launches new brand to help Kiwi bloggers earn money

After announcing a pretty bold move away from paid banner ads towards content marketing, nzgirl.co.nz is now about to unveil a new brand that aims to help turning your “blogging for a living” dream into reality. If making money out of writing about things you love is what you’re into.

Bloggersclub.com, which will go live next month, is a new network for bloggers with tools to make blogging for a living a possibility for lifestyle bloggers in New Zealand.

Any blogger can apply to join the Bloggers Club now. Once the club is live, registered and approved bloggers will be able to easily accept paid writing assignments, invitations to events and products to review, through the Blogger Dashboards.

At the front end, Blogger Profiles will display a content feed of all their writing examples and social media feeds – a sort of online portfolio to help bloggers promote their work and connect with their audience.

The company is planning to introduce Brand Ambassadorships by early next year, to connect brands and bloggers to create relevant (non-advertorial, apparently) content.

While part of nzgirl, the Bloggers Club has no country or age restrictions, but will still benefit from the network around the main brand.

Are you a blogger interested in getting involved? Email [email protected].

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