Not for acrophobics: The North Face releases terrifying ad

It’s common to see brands get behind sporting stars, but the most interesting collaborations occur when extreme sports are thrown into the mix. This has been evident for many years in Red Bull’s work in motocross, skydiving and big wave surfing, but other brands are also starting to see such associations as an opportunity to enhance a company’s cool factor. 

Outdoor and camping clothing manufacturer The North Face recently followed free-climber Alex Honnold to Mexico, where he climbed up El Sendero Luminoso (the shining path). And the six-minute video that resulted from this endeavour offers a visceral glimpse at what it’s like to dangle from the tips of your fingers. 

Due to his unique skill set, Honnold has become a recurring figure for the The North Face and has appeared in promotional videos for the clothing company as far back 2010.


But he isn’t the only daredevil that the North Face has into obscure stretches of extreme danger. In 2011, the company also went on an expedition with a group of free skiers, as they attempted to conquer the challenges of Denali, the highest mountain peak in North America. 

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