Nike encourages infants to have an unlimited future

There’s no baby talk in Nike’s ‘Unlimited Future’ campaign, despite the latest film being set in nursery. Instead it sees a rousing speech delivered to infant versions of top athletes to celebrate the unlimited potential of those who are willing to go beyond their limits.

Motivational speeches from a coach or team mate are common place in sports and have inspired athletes to achieve more than they thought possible, however, they are not typically used on those who are still to learn to walk and talk.

Bobby Cannavale delivers the inspirational message to the infant versions of LeBron James, Neymar Jr., Serena Williams, Mo Farah and Zhou Qi who are all Nike athletes. With no “goos” or “gaas”, he tells them of how everyone will face obstacles in their lives, but ultimately they will determine their own destinies.

Directed by Damien Chazelle, the film is across Nike’s digital channels and is part of the broader “Unlimited Camapign” that showcases the perseverance of some of the world’s greatest athletes and encourages everyone to push their potential further than ever expected by embracing an unlimited mindset.

In New Zealand, the campaign is supporting Valerie Adams by encouraging Kiwis to take part in the four-week training programme through the free Nike Training Club (NTC) App.

In support of Val throwing for Gold, it encourages users to adopt an ‘unlimited’ mindset to reach their ‘unlimited potential’ in the build up to the Olymics. Participants are encouraged to train for their goal through the NTC app and by attending free training classes every Saturday morning at the NTC at Auckland University.

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