Destination Queenstown counts down to Spring

Destination Queenstown is counting down to spring in its new interactive campaign, which encourages Australians to make the trip across the ditch by showing off the town’s views.

‘Countdown to Spring’, by One Green Bean and production company Engine, uses Facebook’s Canvas platform to give users an opportunity to explore selected Queenstown locations. When viewed on a mobile, users can see the view from different angles by moving around.

Destination Queenstown chief executive Graham Budd says in a realease that the Southern Hemisphere destination has even more to offer in spring, when longer sunshine hours mean visitors can pack more activities into each day.

“Spring in Queenstown is a season like no other with bluebird days, a range of ski areas offering great terrain, combined with adventure activities and a vibrant perfect Après ski.”

He said the mobile-led campaign allows the tourism organisation to reach and re-target the Australian audience with relevant messaging, helping them to interact with all that Queenstown has to offer and inspiring them to come and experience it in September.

The supporting videos, on the Queenstown New Zealand website, also show off what Queenstown has to offer, with emphasis put on activities as well as the sites. They show the offerings through the eyes of the Australians dreaming of being there as their mundane reality turns into into an exhilarating experience in Queenstown.

The hero 45-second video, which focuses on jetboating, skiing, bungy jumping and partying, is supported by four 25-second spots that delve into each activity in greater detail.

Appealing to Australians is nothing new for Destination Queenstown, with the organisation last year calling on our neighbours to pull a sick day and enjoy a long weekend across the ditch. According to Tourism New Zealand: “Australia is New Zealand’s largest international source market for ski and snow sports and, back in 2012, approximately 65,000 Australian holiday visitors, or 16 percent, ski while in New Zealand.”

This latest interactive campaign follows a campaign earlier this year, by Time Zone One and Queenstown agency Feast, which focused on digital, print, social media and outdoor with no video.

Its aim was to appeal to Kiwis by highlighting the town’s beauty in Autumn. The imagery invited Kiwis to “reenergise, recharge and revitalise”.

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