Newshub Leaders Debate reaches over a million, excels among 25-54 demographic

Sparks flew during last night’s clash between Bill English and Jacinda Ardern, with Newshub reporting significantly higher ratings from its debate in 2014.

Filmed in front of a live audience of uncommitted voters, the two leaders battled it out in the second Leaders Debate, while Newshub political editor Patrick Gower moderated the proceedings. 

Similarly, with TVNZ’s viewership figures from last week’s debate, the Newshub debate reached more than one million viewers aged 5+. 

In the 25-54 bracket, Newshub had an average daily reach of 495,724, an average audience of 228,058 and a share of 39.3 percent. 

The numbers are a significant improvement on the network’s ratings from three years ago, with the 2014 election debate boasting an average daily reach of 275,064, an average audience of 156,512 and a share of 23.1 percent.

With the 8:30pm election debate preceded by The Block, then followed by a late night Newshub bulletin, Three had a 36.7 percent share last night—the channel’s highest share since October 2013. 

And while the debate has continued this morning as to which leader won last night’s clash, a new Newshub-Reid Research poll released on Sunday showed Labour closing in on National’s 43.3 percent lead with 39.4 percent. The gap is the closest it’s been in a decade. 

Newshub Decision 17 Leaders Debate (25-54)

Average Daily Reach: 495,724 
Average Audience: 228,058
Share: 39.3 percent

Newshub Decision 14 Leaders Debate (25-54)

Average Daily Reach: 275,064
Average Audience: 156,512
Share: 23.1 percent 

1 News Vote 17 Leaders Debate (25-54)

Average Daily Reach 393,200
Average Audience 259,500
Share: 36.9 percent

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