Vying for votes: National, Labour and Green up the advertising ante

With voting kicking off in a week’s time, parties are making their voices heard in a flurry of new campaigns.


National has taken its idea to keep New Zealand moving forward quite literally in its most recent campaign ad, featuring New Zealanders out for a run dressed head to toe in blue. The run is also a visual representation of the first line ‘success doesn’t happen by chance’, before the narrator goes into the party’s specific vision for New Zealand. And while it first seems like any other inspirational party promotion, it’s finished with a dig at Labour, Green and the Maori Party as they appear struggling in a five-legged race.

Since the ad’s release last week, it’s been supported by a video explaining National’s Family Income package. Featuring a montage of happy parents and children as well as delightful superannuants having a picnic, it explains the proposed increase in income for working families and increased superannuation for couples.


Labour leader Jacinda Ardern has made a huge effort to engage with local communities, and her activities in this space serve as the central idea in her latest ad. The audio backtrack of the spot features snippets from her inspiring speech about improving the health, education and housing of New Zealanders, while the visuals show her interacting with the party’s supporters. The idea of the video’s name, ‘This is our moment’, follows on from its previously released TVC that conveyed the election as a key moment in time, where New Zealanders can vote for the same, or vote for a leader and a party that has a positive vision for the future.

Green Party

Following a campaign trail full of twists and turns in its leadership team, the Greens have come out to show they’re still a united front. The first video has no policy information as it focuses on showing off the party’s leadership, while the later video shares its vision for a thriving green economy. The message is further emphasised in a series of policy-specific videos, including its vision to make Auckland a great city for everyone. 

And despite being busy on the last leg of the campaign trail, the Green Party has also found time to take a step back from its policies and encourage New Zealanders living abroad to get out and vote for whoever best represents their values. A near-two-minute video explains how voting can be done from anywhere.

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