Pulling rank: News Works plays the reputation card with new Agency League

News Works NZ revamped its newspaper ad of the year awards programme last year, and it’s continued to innovate with the arrival of the Agency League, a points-based scoring system for the newspaper ad of the month award that aims to tap into the competitive nature of creative agencies. 

Winners of the monthly award will
still receive $250 and go into the Ad of the Year awards. But, in a similar fashion to BestadsonTV, which shows creative rankings, they’ll also pick up points for their agency, which
will go towards the league table. T
he overall winners will receive what is believed to be advertising’s largest
trophy and, in a nice show-offy touch, they’ll also get a celebratory open top bus tour around all the agencies in their
town to rub the win in their competitors’ faces. 

A monthly win is worth five points, and judges will also be
able to award bonus points to other ads for anything they like, be it great
copy, art direction, topicality, or even the use of goats.


The inaugural competition will begin this month and run
for 12 months. All agencies will start on zero points, with the initial league
table on 
agencyleague.co.nz made up of Ad of the Month winning agencies from the past five years. Any other agency that picks up points will automatically join the table.

“We are excited about this new format and hope it will
fire creative imaginations,” says marketing and business manager 
Jenny Stiles. “With the space to craft copy, topics to inspire and
dedicated readers to listen, newspapers can provide an amazing environment for

Special Group created the newspaper wrap, which included a tongue in cheek infographic on what it takes to win, agency odds and teams to watch, and the News Works team traipsed about yesterday delivering the papers to all the creative agencies. The website has had 94 hits so far, she says, so she’s happy with the response. 

Stiles says there are also changes forthcoming to the Newspaper Ad of the Year Awards. Traditionally they have been lumped in with the annual newspaper publishers’ conference, but it’s often two very different audiences, so that’s changing this year and a team is working on creating a separate event with a more relevant speaker to better cater to the agency folk.

  • Click here to see the pdf of the wrap. 

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