Tabloid news through philosophers’ eyes

Having grown tired of the approach taken by conventional journalists, a group of self-professed philosophers has founded a new news media outlet that aims offer a different take on the issues that usually pervade the tabloids. Part satrical, part insightful, the stories published on the site reimagine seemingly meaningless events as moments of newsworthy importance.

In this unique (and somewhat twisted) environment, Simon Cowell’s holiday in Barbados provides comment on the human condition, Taylor Swift’s legs help to beat the Arctic melt, Natalie Portman assists parents who are struggling to leave the house with a reluctant toddler and Kirsten Stewart’s socks provide a lesson in friendship.

In the ‘Who we are and what do we want?’ section, the creators of the site say that they aren’t interested in covering serious stories, because this lacuna has already been filled by the New York Times and the Economist. Instead, what they are interested in doing is reaching people who don’t engage with complex news by scattering bits of meaningful thought through news articles on celebrity culture.

In effect, the website is part Sun, part Civilian and part CNN with a dash of Socrates thrown in for good measure. It is unlikely that the Philosophers’ Mail truly aims to establish itself as an alternative tabloid, but stranger things have happened. Rupert Murdoch did after all manage to establish Fox News as one of the biggest news broadcasters in the the parallel universe we know as the United States. 

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