Colenso BBDO targets Bürgen virgins

Just over two months after taking the George Weston Foods account off DDB’s hands, Cloenso BBDO has now launched a slightly risqué campaign to get the Bürgen bread range noticed.

Four outdoor billboards and four 15-second TVCs, all shot in a minimalist style by photographer Tim White, comprise the campaign, which encourages consumers of all ages to break their Bürgen virginity.

Due to the high level of competition in the bread aisle, George Weston Foods relaunched Bürgen with new packaging at the beginning of the year in the hope of establishing a point of difference.

But taking hold of the commodified premium bread market is not going to prove easy. Freya’s and Vogel’s have been actively promoting their offerings for quite some time, and neither brand is likely to stop doing so.

In addition to running a TVC last year, Freya’s also featured several recipe videos on Fresh.co.nz. And having accumulated in the region of 200,000 views, these clips have not only helped to spread product awareness but also offer a platform where consumers can engage with the brand.  

Rather than splashing out on video production, Vogel’s opted for the social media approach by initiating a Facebook-hosted ‘Topularity contest,’ which asked Kiwis to vote for the toppings they enjoyed most on a slice of bread. By the end of the competition, avocado and tomato was crowned the winner and Vogel’s had increased its fan base to over 13,000.

Comparatively, Freya’s bread has approximately 11,000 Facebook fans and Bürgen lags way behind with just over 6,000.

Colenso’s executive creative director Steve Cochran says that the promotional push is aimed at getting consumers to sample a product that he describes as “fantastic bread, [which]not enough people have tried.”  

“We deliberately played off the name Bürgen to give it more recognition and get Kiwis referring to it by name,” he says. “There are a lot of Bürgen virgins out there. We hope to tempt as many as we can.” 


Director and photographer: Tim White
Food photographer: Kieran Scott
Executive Creative Director: Steve Cochran
Head of art: Mike Davison
Agency producer: Jen Storey
Planner: Ruth Blair
Head of account service: Scott Coldham
Project director: Angela Vance

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