New Zealand’s Top 20 TVCs

You chose ’em. And here they are. A few surprises in the mix, most notably the fact that little old Skyline got more votes than DDB’s epic canine adventure for Lotto (which is closing in on one million views on YouTube) in the TVC of the Year poll. The much-discussed brand ad for New World by .99 took 13th spot, ahead of Colenso’s ‘V Pomparkour’ and Genesis ‘Pukekos’ by DraftFCB came in near the top at fourth. Not too surprising, however, is the fact that six ads made by DDB, an agency renowned for its excellent TV work, made it into the top ten.


Skyline by Barnes, Catmur & Friends and Cirkus 11.34% of the votes Youtube Video

Lotto ‘Lucky Dog’ by DDB and The Sweet Shop 9.09% Youtube Video

Instant Kiwi by DDB and Good Oil 7.47% Youtube Video

Genesis Pukekos by DraftFCB and Robber’s Dog 7.37% Youtube Video

SKY RWC by DDB and Prodigy 6.13% Youtube Video

Sky ‘Ride on Mower’ by DDB and Capital City Films 6.08% Youtube Video

Volkswagen by DDB and Robber’s Dog 5.7% Youtube Video

Telecom by Saatchi & Saatchi and Prodigy 5.16% Youtube Video

AMI by DDB and Robber’s Dog 3.82% Youtube Video

FOUR by Special Group and Fatboy Films 3.71% Youtube Video

National Bank by DraftFCB and Robber’s Dog 3.55% Youtube Video

2 Degrees by TBWA\ and Film Construction 3.39% Youtube Video

New World by .99 and Exposure 2.96% Youtube Video

State by Colenso BBDO and Capital City Films 2.9% Youtube Video

Family Violence by DraftFCB 2.9% Youtube Video

House of Travel by Saatchi & Saatchi and Thick as Thieves 1.56% Youtube Video

V Pomparkour by Colenso and Capital City Films 1.4% Youtube Video

Pams by Barnes, Catmur & Friends, Assembly and Two Birds 1.34% Youtube Video

Women’s Refuge by Saatchi & Saatchi and Flying Start 1.34% Youtube Video

Anchor by Colenso BBDO and The Sweet Shop 1.18% Youtube Video


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