A new router aimed at concerned parents wants to stop the loss of kids’ innocence

A few months back Vodafone launched a campaign aimed at teaching parents how to keep their kids safe online. But sometimes you need more than a parent’s guidance. You need technology. And Torch, a special router for parents that claims to stop kids from accessing dodgy content and imposes limits on the amount of time they spend online, created an ad that shows how innocent search terms are not always so innocent. 

Torch says 70 percent of children aged 7 to 18 have accidentally encountered porn on the internet. So, focusing on the sexual slang terms blue balls, happy ending, tossed salad and pearl necklace, the router claims to stop that from happening by offering “a better internet”. It also says among families with children under eight there has been a five fold increase in the number of tablets and the average eight to ten year old spends eight hours a day with different media. So, in an effort to manage what they see and how long they get to spend seeing it, the team decided to focus on creating a new, easy-to-use router. It currently has a campaign running on Kickstarter and it has raised almost US$100,000 of a $150,000 target and it’s slogan is ‘the internet doesn’t need to be child-proofed. It needs to be adult-proofed.’

As it says on the Kickstarter page: “If you are raising children today, you know they are on screens ALL the time–at school, with friends, in the car, socializing, playing games, doing homework. And if you’re like most parents you’re unwilling to accept this reality. We don’t know what they are doing and we don’t know how to manage it. Torch exists to solve this. We give parents the oversight they need and children the boundaries they crave. Because if we parents don’t do our job, the internet will raise our children for us.” 

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