New look, new era, and a pun revealed in Baypark rebrand

As it gets set to host the leather-clad man with the big voice and a penchant for very long songs, otherwise known as Meatloaf, the Bay of Plenty’s largest venue Baypark has unveiled a new branding effort that comes complete with a pun. The rebrand features a new and much more colourful logo carrying the new strap line: ‘Where there’s plenty going on’.

Baypark has been around for just over 10 years now but with the new TECT Arena opening this month, it’s getting set to host a much broader spectrum of events, and the rebrand has been created to help embrace the expansion.

Created and developed by local company Village PR & Marketing, the new logo moves away from its orange and grey predecessor entirely, instead opting for a multi-coloured star made up of five figures with arms extended in the air to create a star shape. The star logo represents the community, being active and part of a crowd, support, success and celebration. Further to that, the five colours in the star represent the multiple uses of the venue and will be applied to promoting particular facilities or services—orange for speedway, green for community recreation and blue for corporate events for example.

Baypark general manager Ervin McSweeney says a lot of thought and strategy has gone into discovering what Baypark means to people, adding that the folks at Village also did some extensive research on major venues around the world. She puts a lot of stock into the new expanded offering, calling it the “beginning of a new era for Tauranga”.

“We believe the increase of events and additional facilities will have a positive effect on the social fabric of our community, making Tauranga a more exciting and interesting place to live.”

Not just an interesting place to live, mind you. Managing director of Village PR & Marketing Tim Paton-Tapsell says there’s global appeal too and that’s why creating a brand that connects with the community, whilst also becoming an icon of the Bay, has been critical.

“The new brand we’ve created with Baypark will be marketed locally and internationally, whilst being something our region can really be proud of.”

So, with a new look and punny phrase on hand, Baypark is getting se to host not only Meatloaf, but also the Bay of Plenty Netball’s first ever game at the venue against Canterbury, a Pink Floyd Tribute concert, the His and Hers Home and Leisure Expo, the New Zealand Breakers pre-season clash against the Wollongong Hawks.

On a similar line of thought, downtown Tauranga was recently the subject of a rebrand, though not everyone was a fan.



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