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We could tell you about the e-gremlins that meant Fairfax failed to deliver some of its papers yesterday, or the bombshell that Tourism New Zealand’s PR company in the US helped get John Key on the David Letterman show. But we decided this supposed world-first from Wellington digital agency Resn, which brought a whole new, ridiculous and very interactive meaning to the term Twitterfeed, was much more important.

Resn’s digital strategist Andy Williams, who will soon be leaving the Windy City to take up a position at 72 & Sunny in Los Angeles, says the idea was to have a real-time video feed of a feed, where the audience could “direct via Twitter our sexy wait staff and magical hands to make our dynamic dinners dabble in a diverse dynasty of delicacies”.

The ‘first crowd-sourced feed’ was created for FWA TV, which lets creative types from all around the world do something cool/weird/experimental for an hour, but Williams says taking their breakfast public had no real strategic purpose. It was just for jollies, really.

“Basically, we told our dudes to stuff heaps of nasties in them so we could laugh.”

And if laughing was a measure of ROI, then it was probably a successful campaign.


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