New Aussie tourism TVC waltzes, sings Matilda

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There are a few things we simply can’t abide here at StopPress: intolerance for other nations, the Dutch and using the power of song to express your emotions. So, you can imagine our horror when we laid eyes and ears on the new TVC for Australia’s new tourism push, ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’.

It seems like the kind of musical epic Baz Lurhmann might have made (speaking of which, here’s a weird, non-musical TVC he created for Tourism Australia earlier). But it was actually directed by Michael Gracey and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s a big, brash, cringey number that was based on the suggestions offered up by the hoi polloi as part of an online competition.

It’s all meant to be a big bit of epic fun; an attempt to show the good-natured lust for life that characterises the ‘Americans of the South’, but with scenes including white pianos on a beach, opera singers in vineyards and some good old fashioned Aussie tourism brochure cliches, it’s hard to know whether it’s been made with any sense of irony. There’s certainly not quite enough to satisfy your typically sarcastic, cynical New Zealander, anyway (unlike this one). Added to that, it’s completely unrealistic (like most tourism campaigns) as we couldn’t see flies on any of the actors.

The online and print phase of the DDB campaign was launched in March and the TVC, which will run around the world (starting in the UK) as part of an integrated campaign, points viewers in the direction of the Tourism Australia website, which already has 30,000 quintessentially, and mostly crowd-sourced, Aussie experiences listed so far.

And for other ads this ad is like, it’s hard to go past this one for the Discovery Channel.

Youtube Video

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