Netflix creeps out ad blockers

Ad blockers blissfully enjoying their favourite tech websites without having to dodge annoying pop-up ads have had a rude awakening. Netflix is now targeting them to promote the third season of Black Mirror in a move that is almost as creepy as the dystopian show. 

The streaming network’s banner ad pops-up on technology and gaming websites, such as Mashable and The Next Web, where mostly young male viewers are no stranger to ad blocking technology. The ad taunts: “Hello ad blocker user. You cannot see the ad. But the ad can see you. What’s on the other side of your black mirror?” And links to Netflix’s interface.

The message eerily reflects the Black Mirror series – a dark, twisted show on technology gone too far, with the show’s signature cracked black mirror graphic.

With viewers of the show ironically taking to Facebook and Twitter to say how scarily real the social media elements of the show are, the ad block campaign reflects another contemporary tension – ad blocking services making room for advertisers. AdBlock Plus, a popular ad blocking service, controversially announced it will start selling ad space in September and it has previously been known to let ads deemed unobtrusive to get through to users.

Netflix is yet to comment on how they got their ads in front of blockers

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