National embraces a more positive sporting analogy for first campaign TVC

The National Party has been forced to make a few rugby analogies in recent days as it deals with the fallout from Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics. But it’s used a rowing analogy in its new TVC to try and show Kiwis it’s a smooth, well-oiled, economic machine that’s taking the country in the right direction and that its opponents are bumbling idiots. 

National’s last election campaign ‘this year the choice is clear’, was based around the idea of blue means go, red means stop. And once again it’s focusing on what it sees as the ineptitude of its red (and green) competition by showing them flailing around in a very different type of boat.

National has been fully embracing the cult of personality with its #teamkey hoardings. But he doesn’t feature in this ad. However, the track is eerily similar to Lose Yourself, so this is obviously a brilliant ploy to attract the youth vote and show them that Key’s rough upbringing and eventual success is just like that of Eminem. 

Just like the last election, National is keeping pretty quiet about its connections, and so are the agencies thought to be involved (when we asked Marianne McKenzie of Rainmakers a while ago, she declined to comment). In an email, National campaign manager Jo de Joux said: “Traditionally we don’t comment on the people we partner with for our election advertising campaigns. However, we don’t use an agency and instead work with independent contractors, a number of whom we have worked with before.” 

Minster of Everything Steven Joyce is once again playing the role of campaign chairman. 

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National has also released an iOS and Android app that aims to “keep you up to date with breaking news and informed about our plan to keep Working for New Zealand.”

“You’ll be able to see what John Key, National MPs and party supporters are doing on the campaign trail all over the country, and you’ll be able to like and share information – all in one place.”

Labour has yet to launch its TV work. And while the Greens are thought to have launched it on Sunday, it’s currently not available on YouTube. But it’s fair to assume they may have modified some of the campaign material following the revelations of the last week. 

Two recent polls showed National’s support dropping slightly, although it’s still well in front. These were both taken before the book was released, however. 

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