Labour beams out its positive vibes in first TV spot

National released its first campaign TVC this morning and there was plenty of discussion about it—and its soundtrack—on social media afterwards (as Tim Denee wrote on Twitter: “National STRONG like SPORTS TEAM. Other party weak like baby in lifejacket”). Now Labour’s followed suit and launched the TV execution of its Vote Positive campaign. 

Labour’s Vote Positive message means it was unlikely to take direct aim at National, as it did with its last animated election ads, and while it talks up its beliefs, it spreads the political advertising cliches (and lens flares) on pretty thick (special mention to the playground shot). And as for that last awkward standing scene, we can’t help thinking about this Sky ad. 

As it says on the campaign website: “New Zealand should be the fairest, most decent society in the world. And we can get there together by focussing on the positive things that really matter to Kiwi families. Labour will put people first. We’ll make sure there are more affordable homes, that there are more secure jobs with higher wages, and that our kids get the best start. Vote positive and vote Labour for a better New Zealand.” 

Leaving all politics—dirty or otherwise—aside, you’d probably have to give the battle of the TVCs to National. It’s nicely shot, there’s at least a creative idea behind it and the inclusion of the bumbling boaties as a point of comparison adds a dash of humour. 

Maybe Cunliffe and co. could earn a few more fans if they took a leaf out of Jacinda Ardern’s book and took to Tinder

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