Narcissists rejoice! Intel strokes online egos with amazing digital brand ad

Facebook seems to have stumbled upon the perfect mix of narcissism and voyeurism. But in an effort to promote its new Core i5 processor, Intel has taken that to new, very impressive extremes with one of the coolest online branding efforts we’ve ever seen: The Museum of Me.

It’s already spread like wildfire on social media and been liked over 160,000 times. And rightly so. Basically, it sucks up all your Facebook data and visualises it in the form of a beautiful, two minute journey around a museum exhibition that’s made up of your photos, your words, your links and your videos. It’s the perfect mix of online utility used creatively.

As well as looking damn good, it also tells us about data privacy, as this Huffington Post article suggests. And while the servers are obviously under pressure, it’s worth the wait.

We’re not sure who’s responsible for it, but it seems to have come out of Intel Australia. Intel’s global agency is San Franciscan shop Venables, Bell and Partners. So whoever it was, bravo.

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