MyTax.co.nz launches first TVC campaign

Online tax refund company MyTax.co.nz has kept its advertising strictly to the radio waves instead of jumping onto the moving pictures with sound bandwagon. This month it’s launched its first TVC campaign highlighting the weird and wonderful jobs some Kiwis have.

Three ads have aired since the start of the month featuring real world ventriloquists, magicians and belly dancers. The TVCs give a little background on each of the performers with the message being any job (no matter how niche) has potential for a tax refund.

The campaign is from Windup Bird, a one-man agency run by John Ferriss. The TVC is also the first for Ferriss’ little agency and was done in conjunction with photographer and videographer Jason Dorday.

“We wanted for [MyTax] to be seen as approachable and with a sense of humour. Not some dry scary tax agency,” says Ferriss.

“We’re using not hired talent or actors, real New Zealanders. So it has an authentic feel to it.”

Windup is also behind  MyTax’s radio ads which feature customers being rung up and told how much money they’ve been refunded. Last year Ferriss worked on an online video for the company which prompted the creation of the latest TVCs.

Currently the ads are playing on TVNZ channels and its On Demand platform. Ferriss says depending on the success of this initial campaign, MyTax will expand to other broadcasters.


Client: Mytax.co.nz

CEO: Lester Binns

Agency: Windup Bird in association with Jason Dorday Photographer

Creative & Art Directors: John Ferriss & Jason Dorday

Copywriter: John Ferriss

DOP: Jason Dorday

Main camera: Jason Dorday

Assistant camera & lighting: Steve Taia

Sound engineers: Andy McBride & Kenny MacDonald

First stage editors: Jason Dorday & John Ferriss

Final cut: Andy McBride

Producer: John Ferriss

Post production: Andy McBride & Steve Taia for Digital Productions

Make-up and hair: Bianca Fallon of Media Makeup

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