Ecoya says just add equality

To celebrate the passing of the Marriage Equality bill last week, New Zealand candle manufacturer Ecoya has put up a billboard showing two candle wax-covered men embracing with the words “Equality by Candlelight” beneath.

The new billboard replaces a similar one featuring a heterosexual couple on Auckland’s Fanshawe Street and is a continuation of the company’s ‘Just Add Candlelight’ campaign, devised by Special Group.

 ”Equality is a cornerstone on which democracy is built and the passing of this bill is a momentous occasion. Ecoya wanted to show its support so we’ve done that by simply modifying our recent brand campaign,” says Ecoya PR manager Kate Hemus.

While equality is of course a noble ambition, Ecoya is no doubt also hoping its brand of candles will be the preferred choice at newly legalised gay marriages.

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