Muff puns unavoidable as DDB and NFD release sexy new calendar

DDB’s latest campaign for The National Foundation for the Deaf (NFD) has taken a rather unique approach to blokey calendars—and raising funds—by giving Kiwi men what can only be described as a glimpse of muff.

To get Kiwi DIYers to think about wearing ear protection it has launched the ‘Muffs of 2011 Calendar’, which features 12 of the sexiest ear muffs in a collection of suggestive poses (the sexy shoots are also part of a print campaign).

“It’s a new approach for a New Year. With so many charities vying for public donation we needed a campaign tool that would get blokes to sit up and take notice,” says NFD chief executive Louise Carroll. “By hijacking the ‘blokey power tool’ calendar we’re hoping to raise both funds and awareness for hearing impairment and prevention.”

DDB’s executive creative director Toby Talbot hopes the muffs will cut through the clutter and resonate with an audience who can be hard to sway.

“Weekend Warriors are pretty complacent at wearing protective ear-ware so we felt in order to get the message across we needed an approach that would get a smile as well as make a point. The men’s calendar format gave us licence to have a bit of fun and talk to guys in a language that’s uniquely theirs. I think we’ve found a way to make a serious message a little more relevant without being too preachy.”

The calendars are available for $10 at all STIHL Shops across New Zealand with 100 percent of the proceeds going to The National Foundation for the Deaf.  For a list of STIHL shops visit www.stihlshop.co.nz.

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