Fly Buys: get your points without pants

With Kiwi consumers increasingly heading online to do their buying, Loyalty New Zealand has added another five e-tailers to its Fly Buys e-stores list, which brings the total to 23 after the service was launched late last year. 

Fly Buys has 53 ‘meatspace’ partners, but, given the growth in the number of online retailers, the New Zealand online retail market’s estimated $2.6 billion value (a fourfold increase since 2001) and the fact that 45 percent of the adult population over 18 made a purchase online in the last year according to Nielsen, it’s certainly the way of the future in certain categories. So, adding the Fly Buys tag is a way to create a point of difference for its latest members www.zoggi.co.nz, www.zoggitoys.co.nz, www.isubscribe.co.nz, www.iwantthat.co.nz and www.MyTax.co.nz.

And for the 2.3 million Fly Buys card holders, it gives them an opportunity to collect points without the annoyance of having to put their pants on to go outside.

“We have only had Fly Buys on offer for a few weeks and already we have seen a significant increase in our sales volume,” says Hunter Drinan, managing director of iSUBSCRiBE. “We were hoping for an uplift but not expecting to see such immediate results.”

Lester Binns General Manager of MyTax.co.nz adds that joining Fly Buys has allowed his company to reward all of their loyal clients who choose to have them complete their Tax Refund each year. And, as another tempting offer, it has also been offering new clients a reward of 10 Bonus Points for switching over.

Speaking of tempting offers, you can get double points until 30 November on purchases at selected e-stores.

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