NZ up to third in country brands survey; Queensland ridiculed for excessive music-related cheese

It must be written into our neighbouring country’s constitution that all television commercials promoting the region must include some kind of extremely cheesy musical element. The all singing, all dancing ‘There’s Nothing Like Australia’ epic by DDB was touch and go, but it’s Queensland, the same province that brought the world the amazing, multi-award-winning ‘Best Job in the World’ campaign, that really deserves to be taken to task, because it is responsible for two of the biggest toe curlers in recent memory. 

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

While we’re on the topic of ridiculing, check out this one and look for the woman in the canoe who isn’t actually paddling.

Youtube Video

StopPress can only suggest enlisting Flight of the Conchords to pen Queensland’s next catchy ditty.

Still, maybe the seemingly unending cheese of Australia’s ad campaigns doesn’t really matter, because, according to the recently released Future Brand scores for 2010, Australia and New Zealand are ranked second and third respectively in terms of the country’s brand worth, both moving up one place from last year, while Canada climbed to top spot from second in 2009.

The US fell three places to fourth and rounding out the top 10 were Switzerland, Japan, France, Finland, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

At the other end, the three worst performing country brands were  Zimbabwe (‘A world of wonders‘), Iran (which recently welcomed back its tourism marketing department) and Pakistan (‘It’s Beautiful, It’s Pakistan‘).

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