Motion Sickness campaign taps into ‘Big Password Energy’

Government cybersecurity agency CERT NZ has launched a punchy new campaign ‘Big Password Energy’ via Motion Sickness encouraging Kiwis to prioritise stronger passwords.

Encouraging the people of Aotearoa to ditch their weak, and often recycled online passwords in favour of longer, stronger passphrases, the integrated campaign exists as part of CERT NZ’s larger mission to improve the cyber resilience and literacy of all New Zealanders.

“Over the last five years, Aotearoa has seen an increase in reported cyber fraud and crime, at the same time, research shows Kiwis often relegate personal cyber security to the ‘too hard basket’.”

Sam Leggett, Senior Analyst of Threat and Incident response at CERT NZ, says that while the campaign is tongue-in-cheek, the reality behind the issue is serious.

“Too many New Zealanders use easy-to-crack, short passwords and often they use the same passwords in multiple places. Because of this they’re at real risk of having their online accounts broken into by cyber attackers.”

‘Big Password Energy’ co-opts the infamous turn of phrase born from the internet (BDE) – representing effortless confidence, a pragmatic and assured attitude, and gives the concept of having a secure password some much-needed relevance.

Jordan Stent, Creative Director at Motion Sickness says the campaign aimed to demystify the process of making a strong password.

 “‘Big Password Energy’ is a bold, unshakeable, unapologetic confidence in your online account security, and it’s doing it in the easiest, most straight-up way possible.”

The creative is led by a series of crafted 120mm medium format film portraits, depicting a cast of characters from all walks of life in seemingly unremarkable everyday situations. Paired with a compelling and hard-to-miss graphic treatment, each serves to personify the act of creating a secure, memorable and personalised passphrase.

The campaign runs for a month from the 18th of July across digital OOH, street posters, display, search and social channels.


Client – CERT NZ

Agency – Motion Sickness
Executive Creative Director – Sam Stuchbury 
Creative Director – Jordan Stent
Head of Strategy – Hilary Ngan Kee
Account Manager – Emma Elwood
Head of Media – Josh Hawke
Creative – Jolin Lee
Graphic Design – Josh Hart-vrijkotte
Freelance Designer – Stuart Parker

Production Company – Motion Sickness
Producer – Joseph McAlpine 
Creative Director – Jordan Stent
Photographer – Matt Hurley 
Photo Assist – Freddy Riddiford
Wardrobe Stylist – Helen Young Loveridge
Art Director – Anna Maxwell 
Props Buyer – Tash Hokins 

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