Moro and DDB embrace the OTT zeitgeist with ‘Fistful of Awesome’

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Youtube VideoSkittles has been successfully playing the weird card in its ads for a few years now, Old Spice found huge success with the comical masculinity of Isiah Mustafa, and the viral power of Powerthirst has spawned more than a few homages in adland. Now there’s Moro’s new ‘Fistful of Awesome’ campaign by DDB, starring a man who can only be described as a blonde, bemulleted, moustachioed, deep voiced Asian Chuck Norris-a-like showing off his physical prowess in an extremely over-the-top fashion. 

Last year, Subway launched a campaign aimed at the digital, meme-loving generation that tapped into their love for rainbows, unicorns and sparkles and while the Moro campaign subverts this zeitgeisty approch a bit with some mythological equine confusion, it’s certainly heading down the same road and gives a big nod to video game culture (there’s even a YouTube game where can take on a lazy-eyed, laser-eyed bear) and crude but strangely popular animations.

The Pegasus ad has already had over 50,000 views since it was uploaded last week. But it’s certainly a big departure from the very good Fourth Best campaign from a couple of years back.

Youtube Video


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