Mixing politics with marketing, a Muffin Break tradition

The unofficial Muffin Break Bean Poll first launched leading into the national election back in 2002, and after receiving great feedback from franchisees and customers, has continued every year since. Following tradition, the Bean Poll is back for 2020, giving customers the opportunity to have their political say while indulging on a piping cuppa and a delicious muffin.

Fun and simple, the campaign encourages customers to buy a coffee, receive a coffee bean, and then cast their vote for the party of their choice using Muffin Break’s dropbox. The results will be posted to Muffin Break’s Facebook page the day before the official national election results, usually gathering great interest towards any insights the Bean Poll might give.

Matthew Fleetwood, marketing manager at Foodco New Zealand, says the campaign gives customers the opportunity to engage in the election in a relaxed and fun environment.

“The fact that politics is a sensitive subject and that it is unexpected for a café brand to touch on the subject, is most likely the reason why Muffin Break first launched the campaign nearly 20 years ago.

“It would have been risky, however if it went as planned it would potentially provide great exposure for the Muffin Break brand. Since then we have continued with the Bean Poll tradition at every national election.”

The tradition of the Bean Poll has been well recieved by Muffin Break customers and this year, has already recieved a great number of votes from a local level.

“It shows that people enjoy getting involved in the campaign, it also adds a bit of additional excitement to their everyday coffee purchase.”

Ultimately the campaign has been a platform to enable staff to have a bit of fun with customers and potentially help create and further strengethen exisiting customer relationships.

Every bean vote counts and will end on the eve of Thursday 15th October, with results shared on Facebook on Friday 16th October.

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