Mitre 10 launches new brand platform with FCB

Launching across TV, digital, outdoor and social channels, Mitre 10’s new brand promise, ‘With you all the way’, centres on the brand’s greatest asset and key differentiator: its people.

A promise of partnership, this new brand platform signals an evolution from product retailer to project partner and solutions provider with an absolute focus on customer experience excellence. 

While Mitre 10 is already a well-loved brand and part of the very fabric of New Zealand, Chief Marketing Officer Jules Lloyd-Jones says it’s crucial that brands evolve and adapt in line with changing customer profiles and preferences if they want to stay highly relevant. 

“We commissioned a significant piece of research to help us better understand our customers, their needs and expectations, and their perceptions of our performance. At a very high level, we determined our customers are looking to partner with a brand they trust and one that gives them confidence to get the job done right. 

“While the insights pointed to our people being our major market differentiator already, we could see the opportunity to be more and do more for our customers and really inspire them to love where they live, work and play.”

With you all the way is the external expression of a business-wide programme which has also been transforming the team member experience inside the cooperative. 

Modernising ways of working, a contemporary training model and internal marketing are helping Mitre 10’s team members across the country to understand that they own the customer experience and to feel empowered to make it epic every time.

The campaign, created in partnership with FCB, FCB Media and Good Oil, explores the relationship between a Mitre 10 team member and a customer from their initial project dream to celebrating the finished project result.

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