A message from Barrack Obama

According to statistics from the World Food Programme, 795 million people continue to live in hunger. And while the numbers are trending downward, there are still regions of the world where the problem persists. Organisations such are working hard in these areas to assist those in need, but they consistently find themselves at the mercy of military groups that want to assert their dominance over a region. 

In an effort to draw attention to this issue, Action Against Hunger has released a moving campaign that features a young boy called Barrack Obama calling on world leaders to provide support to the aid workers who are trying their best to feed those caught up in the misery of war. 

Standing on a makeshift podium and addressing what appears to members of his village, young Obama addresses the American president Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron and French president François Hollande, asking them to strengthen protection for aid workers. And his message to his namesake is particularly poignant: “Barack, you and I have the same first name and the same surname, but I do not have the power to plead in favour of this project at the United Nations.”            

While the campaign clearly addresses three very specific people, the potential of the campaign to expand lies in #answerBarrack, which is already picking up momentum on Twitter with many people taking to the medium and asking the politicians to respond to the little boy. 


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