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SelfieJobs, a Stockholm-based startup, is shaking up the recruitment industry with an app that approaches recruitment and job hunting in much the same way that millennials are going about dating. The app requires users to pitch a 22-second pitch video and then swipe through available jobs in their region. 

Over 20,000 job seekers and companies have registered on the app in Sweden, the Nordic region, Germany and the UK, and the app can now also be downloaded across Europe, South Africa, Kenya, Australia and Thailand. 

The SelfieJobs website claims that the immediacy of the service is a massive advantage to both job seekers and business who need workers on short notice:

“SelfieJobs is best enjoyed on the run using an iPhone or Android.  We provide jobs for the young doer across many industries. When you as company need help from a high, energy doer nearby you can post up an opening in just two minutes, start swiping and then chat about the job. If you are in a rush some candidates can start next day. Or if you are a jobseeker and are tired of time consuming job-search. Just pitch yourself, swipe, chat and get to work. Restaurant, service, sales, startups,internships and other areas where young, high energy doers are present are our target segments. In september 2015 SelfieJobs started a trial to enablefamilies to download the app and get help from high energy doers with babysitting, nanny and study-aid. All without middlemen and fuzz.”    

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