MediaWorks staffer pleads guilty to fraud, retains name suppression

The MediaWorks staffer accused of fraud amounting to over $450,000 today entered a guilty plea in respect of all charges at the District Court in Auckland.

The full list of offences included five charges of using a false document, 15 charges of dishonestly using a document and five charges relating to forgery.

The defendant first appeared in court in March and the offences ranged from $260 to a series of invoices amounting to over $230,000 from one company. 

The defendant also used MediaWorks credit cards—one in her name and four in the names of co-workers—to conduct the fraud.

The defendant was visibly distraught while waiting to enter the docks and then also when the guilty plea was entered.

Until now, the identity of the accused has been protected by a name suppression order that prohibits the media from reporting on who it is.   

Presiding judge Taumaunu made the decision to keep the name suppression order in place until sentencing.

Judge Taumaunu said that he had received medical evidence showing that the accused’s psychological condition put her at a risk of suicide.  

Judge Taumaunu explained that while the prison authorities will be able to monitor the accused’s condition and reduce the risk, it is more difficult to do so while she is in remand as she awaits sentencing.

Judge Taumaunu said that after sentencing, the interim name suppression order would be lifted and the media would be allowed to report on the identity of the offender.   

Sentencing in the matter has now been scheduled for 17 October at the Auckland District Court. The matter will again appear before judge Taumaunu.

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