MediaWorks’ rova launches client-led music+ stations

MediaWorks’ rova platform has launched its first music+ stations entirely through partnership. ‘Push the Boat Out’ (Coastguard New Zealand) and Acoustic Chill (Dyson) come as part of rova’s suite of music+ stations, and the first client led stations in the category.

music+ launched November 18, and being under the MediaWorks banner allows rova to access the music, talent, and audience to create bespoke stations for clients.

Richie Culph, director of content for the rova app at MediaWorks, says Coastguard New Zealand and Dyson have been a successful first foray.

“Push the Boat Out and Acoustic Chill launched with great engagement, and have been top ten since their debut on November 18.”

rova’s latest update allows it to leverage music rights to create new content and new opportunities for clients to get involved with bespoke music+ stations, says Culph.

“We have a great mix of stations at the moment, any one of which can be sponsored by a client, or we work with clients to create completely bespoke content and product, all delivered in a very uncluttered commercial environment to encourage engagement.”

Richie Culph

Culph says the Coastguard New Zealand initiative was interesting as the target audience was wider, as water safety was the important message to get across, so they worked with their stations to fuse a new offering.

“With Push the Boat Out, Coastguard wanted males, possibly more towards younger. So we created a product that was a unique fusion of George FM and The Rock, because a lot of the listeners in that demographic flick between those two stations, and we combined some of their most popular music in a way that we think works really well, and created this audience-led solution.”

The partnership also extends to include Jay and Dunc from The Rock Drive to further promote the station across the 5 month period.

Having access to MediaWorks’s talent pool meant rova and Coastguard New Zealand were able to create a bespoke station with the best knowledge of audience engagement behind it.

“Leveraging the ‘engine rooms’ behind MediaWorks’ market-leading radio brands, we have access to great people who help to find the best solution for the brief… That’s what client integration is all about – talking to content experts, finding that sweet spot, and creating a great fit.”

Since launch ‘Push The Boat Out’ regularly achieves reach numbers of over 10 percent to that of The Rock, The Rock is the most popular station on rova, with George a close second. The music+ stations have the plus of being able to leverage Mediaworks content directors across its eight terrestrial brands.

Culph says the new opportunities are wide with the music+ offering.

“To be able to create your own radio station and control that environment which is supported by a message in an uncluttered experience is a really unique option. We’re really happy with the number of clients who have come on board.”

The partnership is set to run across summer 2020 and will be driving the importance of a Coastguard membership and encourage boating safety safe on the water.

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