Meadow Fresh marks its new milk with a logo and bottle to match

Earlier this week, Meadow Fresh launched a new campaign to announce the changes to the way it produces its milk by making it less processed and no longer adding permeate. But the changes haven’t been limited to its milk, with a new look logo and bottle also hitting the shelves.

Marketing dairy category manager Katherine Jensen says the the idea behind the new Meadow Fresh brand is ‘growing goodness’, which includes the the goodness of pure New Zealand dairy, goodness in our communities and goodness in who we are as New Zealanders. 

“We’ve listened to consumers who are asking for less processed products, and we’re offering Kiwis more choice in their selection of milk,” Jensen says. “The launch of new Meadow Fresh milk will bring Kiwis closer to the farm.  We’re taking Kiwis back to what milk used to taste like – rich and creamy – with all the natural goodness that comes with it.”

In keeping with those aspirations, the supporting TVC, via Shine, is a celebration of the the nurturing and nutritional qualities of milk, Jensen says, as well as the the special relationship between a boy and his mum who have a moment of togetherness.

In the ad, the mum finds her young son out of bed and playing with his toys in the light of the fridge. On his upper lip is a milk moustache and his mum can’t help but join the late-night party by also having a glass of milk. 

That first execution has since been joined by a second video, in which a young girl is attempting to describe a dinosaur to her dad before being presented with a fluffy topped with a chocolate sprinkle version of the reptile.

As well as discussing the new milk production process, the TVCs also feature the new look Meadow Fresh logo and bottle, by Redcactus, which Jensen says have been introduced to signal the new brand direction.

The new logo features the previously underlined Meadow Fresh text now enclosed in a droplet-like shape while the green colour pallet remains. Jensen describes it as “more modern and fresh” and easily identifiable.

Previous logo, new logo

She also describes the new bottle as one that “stands out” and provides all the things consumers love in a milk bottle.

“It’s sturdy, semi-opaque so you can see how much is left for a cuppa, easy to pour, has an improved grip, fits snugly in the fridge door and also has a handy measuring guide on the side,” she says.

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