MEA Mobile adds last piece of platform puzzle to video filter app

MEA Mobile has launched an Android version of its iSupr8 app for applying vintage-style filters to video and hopes to rival other video app services with broad coverage across consumers and professional photographers.

The iOS version of the app has been out for more than two years, with a Windows desktop and mobile version added when that platform launched. It’s since been downloaded millions of times.

MEA Mobile director Rod Mcfarlane says it’s the first vintage-style motion app for Android that caters for full 1080p resolution, along with other resolutions. It’s advantage over rival Vine, Twitter’s short video app, is there are no restrictions on the length of the clips, he says.

Mcfarlane says MEA has designed the product for pro photographers, but iSupr8 can also be used by consumers.

“Some of the differences between this and Vine and Instagram is they’re usually fairly low res videos they’re applying the filters to and they have time limits on length of the video. We’re targeting people who want high quality video and it’s suited to professional photographers. The Android market for pro photography is wide open, the iPhone photography market is much more mature.”

However, he adds it’s not exclusive to the professionals and others can use the app to make fun videos of any kind. The app grades each pixel in the smartphone video based on exposure to add the vintage effects like dust, dirt, grain, scratches vignette, film burn and framing. Users can import videos or use new footage.

The app costs $2.32 on Google Play and $1.99 for iOS. MEA can also white label the app for marketing campaigns and promotions, says Mcfarlane. The Rip Curl version of iSupr8 was downloaded by close to 300,000 people in 3 weeks.

Last year MEA Mobile was a finalist in the Australian Mobile Awards for a limited edition free version of the app, made with Rip Curl. That version was downloaded by nearly 300,000 people in three weeks, Mcfarlane says. 

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