McDonald’s and DDB call on Kiwis to ‘Mac it better’

McDonald’s seems to be a little obsessed with sauce at the moment. Following on from the spot featuring a man dancing underneath a downpour of McRib sauce, McDonald’s is now trumpeting the potential of Big Mac sauce to make everything better.

Shot by Thick as Thieves and thought up by the creatives at DDB, the new spot shows a series of everyday items that could be improved with a dollop of the secret sauce.

The latest campaign has been launched to announce a limited-time promotion that will see the little tubs of Big Mac sauce distributed with every Mac combo. And Jo Mitchell, the fast food chain’s head of marketing in New Zealand, is hopeful that this will inspire customers to experiment with the sauce.  

“A Kiwi favourite, the Big Mac burger has a loyal following and we are confident fans will push the boundaries applying Big Mac sauce to anything and everything to see just how many things they might be able to ‘Mac it Better’.”

Globally, McDonald’s continues to go through a rough patch in the sales department, with financial results showing that the company’s global sales had shrunk for 11 consecutive months. The continued struggles have now led the company to stop reporting its results on a monthly basis.

“To focus our activities and conversations around the strategic, longer-term actions we are taking as part of our plan, we have decided to discontinue our monthly sales disclosure, effective July 1,” McDonald’s chief executive Steve Easterbrook was quoted in a Slate article.

While this is clearly a big move for McDonald’s, Slate points out that it was somewhat unusual for the company to release sales data on a monthly basis in the first place given that its takeaway competitors don’t do this.       


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