Mass exodus at NBR? UPDATED

The bastion of business news, The National Business Review (NBR) is looking for fresh blood, as staff leave the building in droves in search of greener pastures.

It started with junior reporter Charlotte Woodfield leaving late last year. Woodfield is turning her back on the entire industry, and retraining as a teacher, after just a year. Then NBR’s star senior journalist, Matt Nippert, resigned. The award winning investigative reporter is heading to the Fairfax Business Bureau, after 18 months at the Authority, leaving the NBR with some very big boots to fill.

The sales department have just one chair occupied, currently advertising for a senior agency account manager, after Miles Gandy waved tally-ho and set sail. Word is he’s setting up his own business.

Next cab off the rank was News Editor Ellen Read, who departed suddenly last Thursday. No word on where she is headed, but it must have gone down quite quickly, as the NBR still has Read’s email and mobile number as the contact for its current ad on Seek for a journalist.

Technology and advertising/media reporter Alex Walls resigned yesterday, she is heading to London.

And the Wellington offices aren’t immune to this staff shakeup either, with reporter Colin Williscroft leaving, also after just one year, to join the Wairarapa Times-Age.

So, no word on the cause of this lemmings-like behaviour, or who’s next to leave, like rats on the proverbial…

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