DB Export Dry goes back in time to snuff out wine

Youtube VideoThe ’80s were a wonderous time. Big hair, big lunches, big phones. But back in 1987, wine was in and beer was out, so it was also a time of pain and suffering for many bemulleted, beer-loving Kiwi males. And the latest historical campaign celebrating DB Export Dry’s 25th anniversary aims to bring the brown stuff back into fashion by poking fun at wine. 

“It’s the next chapter of the DB Export story: letting nothing come between a man and his beer,” says Russell Browne, DB Export’s marketing manager. “In this case wine was the villain. Suddenly we found ourselves drinking wine when all we wanted was a decent beer. Export Dry emerged to save the day. I think the tongue-in-cheek humour will resonate with those Kiwi males who reluctantly find themselves holding a glass of wine.”

As well as the main TVC, which was directed by The Sweet Shop’s Steve Ayson, there are also some entertaining webisodes that give wine snobs a proper ribbing and finish off with the new slogan ‘Don’t drink lies, drink Export Dry(s)’.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

As expected for a mainstream beer, and in keeping with the manvertising trend seen in the past few years, there’s plenty of OTT manliness on display in the ads. As the website says: “The main problem with wine is the taste. Another problem is that it makes your hand feel like a bit of a girl. But wine can’t hurt your mouth if you have an Export Dry in your hand. Brewed to be crisp and refreshing but still full of flavour, Export Dry is a sophisticated beer that’s welcome at any occasion. So next time you’re out to dinner with your in-laws or at lunch with your boss, put the wine list down and order an Export Dry.”

The DB Export Dry campaign also includes print advertising, new point of sale material, a digital campaign, in-store sampling and PR.

This campaign follows on from the big ‘Beer: The Untold Story‘ campaign launched in late 2010, which focused on the largely unknown achievements of DB’s founder Morton Coutts (and also got a smack on the hand from the ASA after Jim Anderton complained about historical inaccuracies in the TVC).

The DB Export brand was in pretty poor health before the campaign, and was something of a neglected child within the DB stable. But things have improved considerably since then, as evidenced by the two gold Effies Colenso won last year. Browne says DB Export Gold is now back in growth mode, Export 33 is the no.1 low carb beer and “the sleeping giant” that is DB Export Dry is heading in the right direction.



To mark the 25th birthday, DB Export Dry, which won best lager in the world in 1984 and took gold medals at the 2010 and 2011 Monde Selection (as the website says, “wine didn’t even get a finalist”), has also been put in a premium green bottle and been given the requisite packaging overhaul at the hands of Dow Design, just a couple of years after it last had a spruce up.


Creative Chairman Nick Worthington
Creative Director Levi Slavin
Art Director James Tucker
Copywriter Simon Vicars, Levi Slavin
Senior Account Director Tim Ellis
Account Manager Patrick Rowley
Planning Director James Hurman
Planner Hayley Pardoe
Client Russell Browne, Export Marketing Manager; Clare Morgan, General Manager Marketing

Agency Producer Jen Storey – James McMullan
Digital Creative Director Dan Wright
Digital Developer Federation Media

Agency Producer Jen Storey
Photographer Alistair Guthrie
Photographer’s Producer Sarah Hough
Designer Kate Slavin

Agency Producer Jen Storey
Production Company The Sweet Shop
Production Company Producer Fiona King
Director Steve Ayson
Sound Design Craig Matuschka – Liquid Studios
DOP/Cinematographer Chrighton Bone
Editor Peter Sciberras – The Butchery
Online Editor (Vis. Effects) Leoni Willis
Post Production (Vis. Effects Co.) Toy Box
Music – Artist/Title Peter Van der Fluit
Composer Liquid Studios

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