Media veteran Miles Gandy launches the The Magazine Bureau, offers one-stop shop for advertisers to buy across titles

With media planning an increasingly overwhelming task due to the number of audience sources, The Magazine Bureau is offering a solution for clients and media agencies by bringing together independent magazines and their audiences to create a range of reachable demographics. 

Founded by Miles Gandy, the service allows media agencies and clients planning a campaign to place it across multiple magazine brands that when combined reach the desired audience.

The media planning process is one Gandy is no stranger to, having run Cooper Street Media for five years and looking after the media sales for New Zealand Geographic, Time, Pro Photographer and media sponsorship for New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year. For his efforts, he won the MPA Sales Achievement Award in 2013.

So far 13 titles are a part of the service, including Homestyle, Healthy Food Guide, AA Traveller, Time, Dish, Good, Idealog, Little Treasures, New Zealand Weddings, New Zealand Fishing News, New Zealand Geographic and Life & Leisure. There’s also a further four magazines that will be added this month.

With these publications, the service has 18 different demographics to trade against, with each including a readership figure and suggested budget based on full page rate cards.

They include conscious shopper, home renovators, everyday cooks, entertaining cooks, car buyers, mortgage hunters, insurance hunters, future planners, New Zealand travellers, overseas travellers, premium drinkers, business decision makers, education decision makers, community minded, outdoor adventurers, early adopters and household shoppers.

Gandy says all of the demographics are there as a flexible indication of what can be achieved through The Magazine Bureau and they can be tailored to a client’s specific requirements.

Across the current 13 titles, The Magazine Bureau can reach 1,648,000 readers, but that number grows when the Magazine Publishers Association’s Magazine 360 is considered. Recently launched, the online tool allows agencies to view a magazine’s entire audience across print, social, digital and events. 

Last month, media agency strategists responded to Magazine 360 in an article on StopPress and OMD strategy director Cat Macnaughtan said the power of the tool is that it allows planners measure the power of influence magazines have across all the platforms that they engage with their audiences on now.

Former Ikon joint managing director Emma Bolser added that it provides “lovely data and that’s critical for media planning when teams are short of time and looking at a much wider channel mix than even two years ago”.

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