Adidas drums up support for Indian figure skater

Sports brand campaigns have long been known for sharing motivational messages through male voiceovers. However, Adidas is mixing that up in a new campaign called #FanTheFire.

Its hero video tells the story of Nishchay Luthra, an 18-year-old figure skater and nine-time national gold medalist who is currently training to represent India at the 2018 Winter Games. However, as the ad reads, he’s not training at home, instead, he is in Florida all on his own.

To emphasise Luthra’s distance from home, the voiceover is his mother who is seen at the beginning sitting down to write him a letter.

“My dear son, my day has just ended but miles across the world yours has just started,” his mother says as a montage of shots plays out showing him pushing himself to train, waking up early, and work out.

“For this dream is not yours alone, but ours. So wake up, the world needs to know your name,” his mother finishes on.

But the video doesn’t stop there, as it goes on to encourage viewers to show Luthra’s mother that she’s not his only fan by sharing ‘#FanTheFire’ on social media. There’s also a supporting GIF asking people to support the crowdfunding campaign to help him pay for his US training.

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