Made to Match campaign aims to make beer legitimate dinner companion

Beer drinkers who want to take a step towards becoming beer connoisseurs can now look forward to Lion’s latest content marketing campaign on TVNZ.

The brewery, TVNZ and BrandWorld are rolling out 60-second segments airing during ad breaks called Made to Match, with advice on craft beer, food pairings and tips for doing fancy things with the liquid amber.

The alcoholic version of Food in a Minute starts airing on One and TV2 this month and is hosted by Kiwi cook Al Brown. The Made to Match campaign will play out over the next year, with different recipes each month from the chef.

The ads are flanked by a website with online videos and recipes, as well as in store promotions.

The trio of companies have all worked together before. TVNZ and BrandWorld have been in partnership for around four years, while Lion has done similar work for its spirits range with The Mix. TVNZ also does content marketing for Telecom with its Tech in a Sec segments.

TVNZ’s general manager of media solutions Sean O’Donnell says The Mix is what sparked the conversation about Made to Match, by providing Lion with a sales lift across its spirits range – between from 20 to 300 percent during the campaign.

“That format has worked very well for us and Lion has been looking for a long time to do something similar with beer,” he says.

O’Donnell is a former Lion man himself, working as the marketing manager for the brewery’s beer range. He says the challenge in the category now is to make beer a legitimate contender beyond the BBQ and into the dining room.

“We’re seeing people expand the kinds of beer they consume and venturing out into more craft varieties. People want to explore what they can do with beer … Why can’t you have a beer with a beautiful meal?”

O’Donnell says TVNZ is in talks with Lion about taking the format that’s working in New Zealand and exporting it to Australia.

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