Macca’s flicks off on Facebook

McDonald’s first foray into the world of Facebook games has proven to be a winner.

McDonald’s Flick Rugby, a digital take on the classic table top game coin rugby, has amassed a massive 53,118 minutes of game play and added more than 6,000 new Facebook fans to McDonald’s NZ Facebook page.  We’re loving it.

The Flick Rugby Game is part of McDonald’s “Just because…” campaign and sets the game amongst iconic Kiwi menu items. The aim is to get a coin across the table in three flicks or less, navigating hazards including Kiwiburgers, beetroot, Frozen L&P spills, Kiwi Pavs and Kiwi Brekkie McMuffins, integrating the tasty treats into the game play.

If players rack up enough points they can qualify to win one of hundreds of McDonald’s product vouchers, including the iconic Kiwiburger and new products like the Kiwi Brekkie McMuffin and Frozen L&P.

Nivin Sewpershad, Digital Strategist McDonald’s Restaurants (NZ) Ltd, explains the rationale behind the game.

“We’re connecting with a huge number of customers through our Facebook page, and wanted to create a digital extension to the campaign. Most New Zealanders will remember playing coin rugby and this is our modern take on the game.”

The Flick Rugby strategy and execution was developed by Spitfire, one of the leading digital creative agencies in New Zealand, after McDonald’s sought a way to engage current Facebook fans, attract new fans, and deliver a rugby concept that aligned with their “Just because…“ Kiwi menu campaign. Colin Proebstel, CEO of Spitfire, is not surprised by the success of the campaign and thinks McDonald’s is on to a winner.

“Games like Flick Rugby are an ideal way to engage fans with topical campaigns that not only drive awareness and brand loyalty but also drive foot traffic in store with intelligent integration of product and prizes. Flick rugby is proving to be as popular as the iconic Kiwi menu items featured in the game, it’s doing a great job of both raising awareness of the products and encouraging trial.”

The Flick Rugby game sits on McDonald’s New Zealand Facebook page, and will run until mid November. The McDonald’s Facebook page now has over 154,000 fans.

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