Slogo watch: Wanaka declares itself a ‘reserve’

As if an unrivalled lifestyle and living amongst New Zealand’s most breathtaking surrounds wasn’t enough, residents of the Lake Wanaka region have a new logo and slogan to love, hate or remain indifferent to.

Lake Wanaka Tourism has launched its new ‘Lifestyle Reserve’ branding, incorporating a logo, the slogan ‘The world’s first lifestyle reserve’, and an associated ‘Protected’ stamp. The organisation says the phrase highlights how the quality of experience on offer in Lake Wanaka is a rarity –  even by New Zealand standards.

Country, town and region branding is a notoriously fickle beast to please, with brandmakers running the risk of either not saying not much at all or failing to live up to its promises, as Tourism New Zealand recently found out.

It’s no secret that Wanaka-ites are pretty happy about living in the lap of the gods. However, Julie Le, director of Wanaka-based agency Sorted, says what was striking in developing the branding was how equally evangelical about the place visitors were.

“You only get this level of passion when people are truly engaged,” says Le. “That’s because Lake Wanaka represents a way of life that is hard to find anywhere in the world.  The freedom to explore stunning nature at your own pace, away from the crowds within a community genuinely excited about sharing all of it… it’s pretty rare.  These are the thoughts that led us to develop the concept of Lifestyle Reserve.”

Backing up Tourism Wanaka’s new branding is a charter that echoes the New Zealand Tourism Strategy principles of Manaakitanga (which implies a reciprocal responsibility upon a host, and an invitation to a visitor to experience the very best it has to offer) and Kaitiakitanga (guardianship, care and protection), which aims to ensure the quality and longevity of the region’s offer remains true to the slogan.

Let us know your thoughts on the Wanaka rebrand.

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