A lovely horror medley

Ever wanted to see your favourite horror icons sing in a musical? Well here is your chance. Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide has created a spooky medley to promote the Elmsta 3000 horror festival held in Sweden.

The clip, features Halloween’s Michael Myers, a zombie, a ventriloquists dummy, Samara from The Ring and other creepy characters singing an uplifting yet menacing melody promoting the horror festival.

The song seems to be going rather well until they all decide to mutilate each other, starting with the zombie who decides to take a chunk out of Michael Myers’ arm. Then, gruesome, gory chaos ensues – flying limbs, blood splattered walls, exhumed organs and all.

The film will be shown online and at the movie theatre where the festival will be held on 21 May.

The festival also got a lot of attention last year for its creepy baptism of Satan ad.

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