Lost and found: ASB trumpets its alternative to card cancellation woes

Online forums can at times serve some truly ridiculous lines of enquiry. One such instance would be a question posted by contributor Venusian12 on conspiracy theory website abovetopseceret.com in 2007, asking whether it was possible for dropped items to slip through to another dimension. A “stressed out” Venusian12 was driven to seek answers after dropping a button in his bathroom and not being able to find it (even though his mum heard it drop).

While we are ill equipped to comment on inter-dimensional portals, lost buttons and conspiracy theories, the team here at StopPress knows the pain of losing items only to rediscover them at seemingly random places at a later stage. 

In most instances, losing an item is little more than a frustration, but it can be quite a major problem when the said item is a credit card. Usually, the relisation that a credit card is missing is followed by about 20 minutes of manic searching, 30 minutes of concern about where you were pick-pocketed and then the painful recognition that you’ll have to cancel the card for security’s sake. 

Then, once the card is cancelled, nothing is quite as annoying as finding the now useless piece of plastic lying in your wardrobe under your trousers and realising that it just fell out of the pocket of your jeans (yes, this is based on true events).

And given that this experience of losing a card only to find it later is a common occurrence for Kiwis, ASB has now released a new spot by Saatchi & Saatchi, directed by Helena Brooks, that focuses on how its mobile app makes it possible for users to lock their cards rather than simply cancel them (read more on the app here).  

Has this ever happened to you?

Posted by ASB Bank on Saturday, 1 August 2015

In addition to locking cards, users can also block international transactions, online buying, contactless payments and ATM withdrawals.    

Lost it? Lock it.

Posted by ASB Bank on Monday, 20 April 2015

This app is useful not only for customers but also for the bank, in that it limits the number of calls that the customer service team receives with these requests. And in doing so, it can help to reduce the response time for more pressing issues.

Unfortunately, it offers little support to those who lose items to an inter-dimensional portal in their bathrooms. 

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