A look at the Facebook News Feed redesign

Facebook is a chronic tinkerer when it comes to design and its latest News Feed facelift shows the company wants more to offer its advertising partners.

Tech journo and friend of StopPress Didge Owen Williams has provided us screenshots of the new feed design, which will slowly roll out to consumers and businesses over the next month. 

The new look Feed has up to 10 ad spaces, but Williams says he hasn’t seen any since the roll out over the weekend. 

(Good news folks, the ever annoying news ticker is dead!)

Large imagery is at the heart of Facebook’s redesign. The news feed encourages wider aspect ratio photos instead of the square ones currently found throughout the site. This example shows a movie poster which has a status update written over the top in white font, the placing will be a consideration brands will need to make when posting photos in the future. 

The pages are responsively designed, with columns disappearing depending on the size of the screen it is viewed from. Williams says the responsiveness is a bit laggy at this point. 

When a user likes a brand page it’s shared with their friends, who are shown the brand avatar and cover photo. 

Sponsored offers are also shared with friends in a dotted box that looks like a tear-out coupon.

Events have more prominence, with a box showing upcoming events and how to attend. Facebook is rumoured to be testing a paid events system, in what will likely be a push towards revenue share models with ticketing organisations or its own fully-fledged platform.

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