Memes and Mao collide as Powershop goes Gangnam Style

David Cameron, Barak Obama and John Key have all been seen dancing Psy’s Gangnam Style and Ban Ki-Moon has hailed it as a “force for world peace”. Now Powershop and DoubleFish are using it to sell electricity, with hot new band Mao Tse Tung and the Great Leap Forward performing ‘Gangnam For Freedom’ as part of its long-running ‘Same Power, Different Attitude’ campaign.  

It might’ve been even better if North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un had his dancing shoes on, but there was a chance it may have resulted in nuclear war.  

“We’ve just moved to a bunker in Newtown to protect us from nuclear assault,” says design director Simon Coley. “Unfortunately Kim Jong Un doesn’t have quite the sartorial style and fame as his illustrious Father. Especially in the spectacle department.”

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