Logos-a-go-go take out Oscar

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Consider it your Monday morning brand warm-up. And tell your boss it’s solely for the purposes of market research. But try to wrangle 17-minutes to watch Logorama, the film featuring more than 2500 logos that recently took home an Oscar for best animated short.

Created by French directing collective H5, Logorama is set in a Los Angeles where everything, including the animals, buildings and characters, is made up of logotypes, brand mascots and other corporate material (could be interesting to see the reactions from some of the featured brands).

It’s witty, funny, occasionally violent and extremely clever and, despite the Hollywood blockbuster archetype, which features car chases, gun fights, hostage dramas and natural disasters, it’s a brilliant story about the modern capitalist world and the way these brands have become so deeply engrained in the world’s cultural fabric. And, although the fact it was four years in the making, it also appears to be a rather fitting metaphor for America’s recent economic problems. Just make sure you put on your headphones, because there’s a fair swag of dodgy dialogue included, most of it coming from a psychopathic Ronald McDonald.

The film has been made available for download on iTunes in the US, Canada and Germany, but not in New Zealand, so for those with no morals who just can’t wait to see it, you can hunt down the full version online.

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