Air New Zealand plays the spoons

Air New Zealand has kept the novel marketing fires burning with another new – and potentially slightly controversial – social media campaign featuring Dai Henwood that aims to capitalise on the buzz created in January over the new long-haul innovations.

These new innovations captured the international media’s imagination and its lie-flat option Skycouch was the horizontal jewel in the crown. Even poverty-stricken economy class passengers would be able to lie down on their arduous journeys and, as such, Skycouch came to be known as cuddle class. So now Henwood has become the frontman for the new campaign hosted at their Faceboook page that celebrates the history and joy of spooning (presumably not the violating and occasionally illegal real-world spooning seen in the video, however).

The Facebook page gives users the chance to select friends and give them a virtual spoon on the Skycouch. And, to sweeten the deal, they’ll also have a chance to score a mystery weekend, where winners will be able to spoon to their hearts’ content.

Tom Bates, Air New Zealand’s social media guru, says the ‘very short guide to spooning’ is a tongue in cheek way to highlight the most notable spoon-related benefits of the economy Skycouch. The campaign was developed in-house and brought to life by AIM Proximity and 99. And apparently King Fyfe loves it.

“It was essentially us being proactive on the back of ‘how can we take advantage of the online buzz around cuddle class?’,” he says.

Bates says it’s limited to a social media campaign at the moment, with NZ-based online media and Facebook engagement ads (as well as a billboard above Hangar 9 in Auckland), but he’s hopeful it might go further if the e-spooning proves popular enough.

Good to see Air New Zealand drumming up support for spoons. They’ve had a hard time recently, what with all that weight loss.

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