Let’s give them something to shout about

Tourism New Zealand and Air New Zealand have paired up and found a couple of clever ways to use the word ‘shout’. The two organisations have just launched another round of the ‘New Zealand Big Shout’ campaign in Australia.

Air New Zealand will give away free domestic travel by providing two free New Zealand domestic flights with every return trans-Tasman flight purchased during the promotion.

The campaign gives Australian travellers flight options to 26 domestic destinations from six Australian international gateways.

Air New Zealand Deputy CEO Norm Thompson says the Big Shout campaign is a great way of encouraging Australians to explore more regions of New Zealand.

“When Tourism New Zealand and ourselves ran the NZ Big Shout campaign last year we saw a significant increase in the percentage of passengers who included a domestic flight as part of their itinerary.

“Through this campaign we plan to not only attract a lot more Australians to discover more of New Zealand but to also create a lot more ambassadors who will return to Australia raving about New Zealand,” says Thompson.

Tourism New Zealand is working with Air New Zealand to promote the campaign, as well as working with the New Zealand and Australian travel sellers and Regional Tourism Organisations.

“This is a proven tool to stimulate travel at a quiet time between peak summer and the ski season for the New Zealand industry, and it’s an example of a public/private partnership that’s already been seen to work,” says Tourism New Zealand chief executive Kevin Bowler.

The Australians have been good to us, in spite of tough economic circumstances. In the year to February 2010 Australian holiday arrivals were up 22 percent by 84,478 visitors.

The NZ Big Shout campaign will be shouting its way via print, TV and online mediums – like this video.

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