In the lapse of the Gods with Dark Cloud: White Light

After trekking through remote New Zealand with five Nikon D800 cameras, 16 lenses, 30 batteries, and four tripods and bespoke rigs, photographer and artist Joe Michael and his crew were able to shoot parts of New Zealand that many never see. And the end result is Dark Cloud: White Light, a new media arts project showing at Pataka Art + Museumfrom July 14—October 13. 

“When visiting places, people turn up, take a quick look, possibly a photo or two, and move on,” he says. “Time-lapse has the unique advantage of showing the amazing transformations taking place day to day right in front of us.”

Michael filmed spectacular landscapes and starscapes of New Zealand in high resolution 2D and 3D. And, with the help of Park Road Post, more than 300,000 individual photographs have been condensed into three minute video portraits of 12 remote New Zealand regions. 

The videos are all accompanied by original soundtracks created by local and international artists. Here’s a preview of the work, with music from Rhian Sheehan. 


And here’s a behind-the-scenes. 


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